"Open your laptop and be online!"

JSC "Kharkiv Online" is the first in Kharkiv to provide eduroam service for institutions of higher education.

eduroam is a federated authentication service that allows users from participating institutions to gain secure access to wireless network access using their standard username/password credentials as they do at their home institution for wireless access. Following initial mobile device configuration, eduroam can enable access without the user having to enter any details, simply open your laptop or activate mobile device.

eduroam hotspots can be found all around the world. Please see the coverage map of eduroam for the exact locations.

eduroam is an example of an identity federation between National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and their connected institutions (universities, schools, libraries, research centres etc.). This means that all involved institutions mutually trust each other: if a user has a valid account at one of the institutions, he or she will be allowed to access the network at all other institutions.

eduroam in Europe is managed in each country by its respective national research and education network (NRENs); in Ukraine, this is URAN.

The cost of implementing and maintaining eduroam is modest. The service results in significant cost savings through reduced IT department workload, because eduroam provides a single solution that accommodates all the mobile connectivity requirements of an institution and support for local users connecting to the local network and visitors connecting to the local network. Besides, eduroam removes the need to supply temporary accounts to visiting users, so also reducing the administrative and support burden imposed by the ever-growing movement of students and researchers.


See more at eduroam.uran.ua and www.eduroam.org.