from 25.01.2019

changes in our company's pricing policy will take place.

We sincerely thank you for using the services of "KHARKIV ONLINE" company, your choice is of great importance to us! Unfortunately, the price for services depends directly on the costs borne by the company to provide the service.


In order to bring the cost of services to an economically justified level that would allow us to continue to provide high-quality services, the cost of services for access to the Internet has changed, namely:

  • for individuals - in the package "Home";
  • for individuals who live in v. Forest (private sector);
  • for individuals who live in the cities of Balaklia and the city of Zmiiv.

You can view new tariffs at the link

We draw your attention to the fact that the value of our services has remained unchanged for a long time! During this time, electricity tariffs have risen, and the dollar against the hryvnia has risen. Also, I would like to note that every year there is a process of higher cost materials, communication channels and equipment.