from 25.05.2019

changes in our company's pricing policy will take place.

In order to bring the cost of services to an economically justified level that would allow us to continue to provide high-quality services, the cost of services for access to the Internet has changed, namely:

  • Tariffs for Internet access services using ADSL2 + technology

You can view new tariffs at the linkфизическим-лицам.htmlдля-юридических-лиц.html

from 25.01.2019

changes in our company's pricing policy will take place.

We sincerely thank you for using the services of "KHARKIV ONLINE" company, your choice is of great importance to us! Unfortunately, the price for services depends directly on the costs borne by the company to provide the service.

Starting from February 1, the price of registration, transfer and renewal of .NET domains will be increased.

You can get acquainted with the actual prices for services in the Domains section

Dear clients!

September 1, 2018 the cost of registration / renewal and transfer of .INFO domains will be increased by 20%.

The price increase will occur globally for all registrars. We recommend that you renew domains at the old price until the specified date.

In addition to .INFO, the increase will affect domain zones: .MOBI,. BET,. ARCHI, .BET,. BIO,. BLACK,. BLUE,. KIM,. PET,. PINK,. POKER, .PRO,. PROMO, RED,. SHIKSHA,. SKI.

Since July 1, the .INFO domain registry increases the cost of registration, renewal and domain name transfer services.